Carley Roberts

Carley Roberts I’m Carley Roberts and I am highly passionate about helping people reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives! My dad instilled a love for running in me at a young age. We share the belief that most of life’s problems can be resolved by going on a long run! I […]

LouAnn Miller

LouAnn Miller Several years ago, I was in a very dark and discouraged place. I had come to a point where I needed to take back control of my life instead of spiraling out of control. I found a program that helped me lose weight and also change my mindset regarding food.  At that time […]

Kayla Macchi

KAYLA MACCHI “Wait! You’re telling me that it’s not my responsibility to make my husband happy? Isn’t that what spouses are supposed to do? Help each other?” That was how my first life coaching session went back in 2019. I wanted to change my husband’s frustration about long lines at Disney World. My coach, Melanie, […]

Mindy Sumsion

MINDY SUMSION Welcome to our transformative journey! I am Mindy Sumsion, a Mediation Specialist for Purpose In This Place and Family Life Coach dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential and live a fulfilling life. With over 43 years of marriage and a deep passion for meditation, I bring a unique perspective to our […]

Stephanie Kaiser

STEPHANIE KAISER Does motherhood feel more like a tornado of chaos that you’re surviving rather than the incredible, joy-filled season you want it to be?   7 years ago, I was struggling, hard. I thought I was the only mom in the world who couldn’t get it together, who wasn’t really enjoying motherhood. I was a mom to 3 kids 3 and under […]

Maddi Smith

Maddi Smith From a young age I was acutely aware of the struggle of those around me. With a strong desire to confront the challenges of my life as well as help others with theirs I received my Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology along with a certification as a Life […]

Krista Payne

Krista Payne “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf From childhood, creativity has been a guiding force shaping my character.  As an intensely creative child I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t creating.  Every idea was just an unmet opportunity to make dreams […]

Mejken Lacrua

MEJKEN LACRUA I have always had a passion for teaching and mentoring! I knew that I wanted to be a teacher at 6 years old! After receiving my degree in Elementary Education, I taught third grade for 12 years and mentored several student teachers each year from the University. In 2014, I transformed my love […]

Suzanne Knight

SUZANNE KNIGHT Growing up as the oldest of seven children in an optimistic and opportunistic family, I developed a love for seeing the good and embraced the “Carpe Diem” mentality. Coaching has helped me let go of expectations for my loved ones and process unwanted emotions rather than push them away. Guiding clients and friends […]

Burgundy Heiner

Burgundy Spending my days nurturing and supporting women in their everyday ups and downs of life brings me so much joy. It’s because this work goes beyond learning and simply having fun (which we do here at Purpose in this Place!).  It really invokes an unexpected level of self-awareness, mindfulness, and alignment that impacts EVERY […]