Welcome to our transformative journey! I am Mindy Sumsion, a Mediation Specialist for Purpose In This Place and Family Life Coach dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential and live a fulfilling life.

With over 43 years of marriage and a deep passion for meditation, I bring a unique perspective to our life coaching program. My journey alongside my husband, Steve Sumsion, has blessed us with 7 amazing children who married 7 incredible individuals who gave us 19 phenomenal grandchildren, shaping my understanding of family dynamics.

I find joy in various activities like gardening, teaching yoga, hiking, biking, and pickleball.  These experiences enrich my approach to coaching, emphasizing holistic well-being and a balanced lifestyle.

My approach blends meditation practices with insights gained from supporting married children and fostering family harmony. Whether you are seeking inner peace, navigating relationships and life transitions, or aiming to cultivate a positive mindset, I am here to guide you. Join me as we navigate the path to inner peace and personal growth together.


The Mindful Family Connection Coach