I have always had a passion for teaching and mentoring! I knew that I wanted to be a teacher at 6 years old! After receiving my degree in Elementary Education, I taught third grade for 12 years and mentored several student teachers each year from the University.

In 2014, I transformed my love of teaching into an independent business where I coached and supported clients in their health and wellness goals for 10 years. This was a beautiful experience that took my love of teaching and transformed it into a love of coaching clients and a love of mentoring other coaches as they supported clients on their personal health and wellness journey!

Even with massive success, I found myself leading from a need to earn and prove my value. I suffered in silence for many years with persistent depression, basing my worth on my achievements. I unconsciously believed that my worth needed to be earned. I was exhausted from striving to control every aspect of life, while living in constant fear that I had done or would do something wrong. My faith always carried me through and led me to find help.

I started with a personal life coach in 2017. I began learning to choose who I was from a place of love. I slowly let go of the fear while raising my awareness to the truth that my value is unchangeable and infinite. I began listening to the inner voice inside me instead of ruminating on the opinions of others. I took direction from my own divinity. I began to choose more consciously to operate from my highest potential. I began to listen to that inner voice inside. I began to trust and love me for me!!! I learned that validation comes from within. It comes from God.

My passion is helping you connect to your inner voice. The inner voice that resides within. The voice that connects you time and time again to your divinity. Together, we do the work to shift your perspective so that your soul can operate from a place of greater peace, joy, and confidence. I love assisting you to step into yourself. Together, we shift your inner narrative as we identify, listen to, and take direction from within. I help you silence those outer influences so that your inner strength shines through!

Today, I stand in the truth that empathy, compassion, vulnerability, connection, and intuition are my superpowers. These are innate gifts that offer you an emotionally safe place to connect and reconnect to who you are and who you are becoming. Together, we create thoughts, feelings and actions that will serve you in daily life as you stay true to who you are and the inner voice inside you!

Mejken Lacrua

The Inner Voice Coach