Growing up as the oldest of seven children in an optimistic and opportunistic family, I developed a love for seeing the good and embraced the “Carpe Diem” mentality. Coaching has helped me let go of expectations for my loved ones and process unwanted emotions rather than push them away. Guiding clients and friends to focus on their divinity and spiritual gifts has brought immense meaning to my life.
Rooted in Virginia, we are avid SVU Knight and TCU Horned Frog alumni and fans. My husband and I are hot yoga and horse riding enthusiasts. We are passionate about exploring the woods, mountains and rivers with our four children and supporting their sporting events. I’m forever on the hunt for inspiring music and the best thick Oreo milkshake.    
Motivated by a chance to connect with those around me, I am frequently planning a gathering, collecting quality conversation questions or surprising friends with homemade bread. I feel passionate about purposeful interactions and look forward to getting to know YOU as we practice together powerful tools that build awareness, relationships and connection.  

Suzanne Knight

The Connection Coach