What do I do if I got coached or self-coached and am still feeling resistance to the new thought?

Like we’ve shared with our worksheets, trying on thoughts is like trying on clothes.  Pay attention to how they make you feel.  You’re unique in every way so don’t be afraid to “tailor” new thoughts.  What can you adjust, add, or subtract to make it fit just right?  Add the words, “maybe”, “sometime”, “I hope to…”, “I’m striving to…”,“I’m willing to…”, “I trust someday…” or “…yet”.  Removed away any absolutes like “never” or “always”.   Soften the words to be the ideal step toward believing something new. Remember to give it a little time to mold to you.  Wear it like you would in an extended fashion show, walk down the red carpet, own it and give it some time before rejecting it altogether!

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