Help!  I can’t decide what to do!  I have to make a quick decision and I feel stuck!  

Having a short timeline can add to the stress of making a decision.  Notice that your lack of action and resulting panic and indecision is coming from your thought that you don’t know what to do.  Find a comfortable seat, take 3 deep breaths and turn your attention inward.  Your mind, heart and body are full of wisdom.  Tune into each of them and give each a voice.  Let them speak separately like they are your closest friends (because they are!).  

  1. What is you mind telling you? – What is the script being read in your head? Do you like your reasons for these thoughts?  What are the logistics of the scenario? 
  2. What is your heart telling you? – How do you feel when you think about each possibility?  Is your heart racing or calm?  What are your deepest desires and goals?  What other emotions arise when you consider outcomes?
  3. What is your body telling you?  – Are you taking care of your gift from God?  Are you creating time for the rest, fuel and movement it needs?   Do you feel pain anywhere and could it be connected to an emotional discomfort?  

When we give each of our wisdom centers time to speak we build trust within ourselves.  Usually, they will not all be aligned (hence the wrestle) and it’s ok to stretch in one area to accomplish what is needed.  Question any answers coming from fear and ask yourself what it would look like to come from love.  

Finally, tap into your divinity and let God have a say.  Express to Him in vocal prayer your faith that He will help you feel at peace.  Ask him to confirm your decision.  Listen.  If it’s not clear, pray with the reverse decision and see if you feel differently.  Know that sometimes God gives us the agency to choose and there’s not necessarily a right or wrong choice… just what we make of it!  

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