I’m a big believer that, “The road to success is always under construction.” Ironically, this belief has some literal application for me as the wife of a road contractor living on a dirt road in rural Wyoming. Sometimes I joke that I must be living someone else’s dream. It is certainly not the life I expected, but I often wonder if this unexpected life really does contain the construction materials needed for success.  

My life took a very unexpected turn when our family moved from Utah to my husband’s hometown in Wyoming. This huge change combined with 5 young kids and a new job for my husband left me at a point in life where I was drowning in overwhelm. I needed help to cope with the stress and anxiety, and I found a coaching podcast that became my lifeline. For the first time, I learned that the overwhelming thoughts pressing down on me were optional – and with this new perspective, even though nothing changed, everything changed! 


I’ve often been accused of being a self-help junkie. I love mowing the lawn, hiking, being in the kitchen and using travel as a way to discover more delicious  food. I received my bachelor’s in elementary education from Utah State University and taught school before starting my own classroom. Purpose in this Place was born out of my love of education and my eagerness to be involved in projects that give me the opportunity to share and connect with others.   

I like to think of building roads as a good metaphor for building meaningful relationships. People are at the heart of every aspect of my life. I grew up as an oldest child where I lived surrounded by extended family. This gave me a strong sense of belonging and fostered deep connections. My fondest memories and deepest sorrows stem from family relationships. Coaching has taught me to build bridges with others by reconstructing my relationship with myself and with my identity as a child of God. Now, as a wife, mother, almost-empty-nester, and grandmother, I continue to learn from my closest relationships as they change and evolve. 

I look forward to connecting with you, sharing love and guiding you to find purpose in your journey.