Additional Resources

everything you need lies within

These resources are here to help you in your coaching and presenting endeavors.  Feel free to take advantage of some of the resources available to you as a coach.  As you do so always remember to listen to your instinct and your creative process as you begin to create, present, teach and coach.

if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you – fred devito

brand guide

purpose in this place brand guide

Use this guide to help you know what fonts, colors and styles you can use for all your coaching and marketing materials.

THE circle of influence template

THE circle of influence template for zoom calls

This template is available to use on your whiteboard feature on zoom calls.  This is a great way for your clients to see visually the Circles you create during your session.  You can also take a screenshot of the final circle and send it to your client.  

powerpoint template

powerpoint template #1

For any classes, presentations or events feel free to use this template to jumpstart your creation journey.  Click the link to open the design in you own Canva account.



This PDF will show you what resources we recommend for you to uplevel your coaching business.  If you’re looking for a recommendation for white board or microphone we’ve got you!



This PDF is a list of recommendations we have for your technology endeavors as you build your coaching practice!